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Manage Wholesale & Retail Inventory easily from anywhere, on any device for real-time stats on every vehicle.

Prep My Vehicle is a mobile vehicle reconditioning software app that tracks vehicles in the prep-for-sale cycle and provides real-time data on a single platform.
This user-friendly app offers full visibility over all stages of the reconditioning process, connecting key business functions such as sales, management, service teams and external vendors.

Prep My Vehicle Features

Available as an integrated tool within existing management software systems, Prep My Vehicle acts as a central data point for internal teams and external vendors involved in the reconditioning process for vehicles during the prep-for-sale cycle.

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Prep My Vehicle is a tailored vehicle preparation software solution for businesses of any size, from one-bay service centres to nationwide dealerships, and delivers real-time visibility on delays in workflow for a smart, fast and efficient sales process.

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Prep My Vehicle will track your reconditioning journey from acquisition to evaluation, assignment of works through to  final quality pass and transition to sale.

Perpy My Vechile Journey

Identify delays in the recon process to help minimise stock holding costs and decrease service timelines!

Prep My Vehicle connects multiple users across internal teams and external service providers to minimise delays and maximise vehicle sales.

  • Available as an integrated tool within existing management software.
  • Simple to use with minimal setup and no maintenance costs.
  • Access to business critical stats such as cost to value ratio.
  • Real-time tracking of every vehicle in the prep-for-sale cycle.
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What You Get with Prep My Vehicle

  • Instant visibility on every vehicle in prep-cycle
  • Reduced stock-holding costs
  • Increased accountability
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Improved communications between teams
  • Effectively measured, recorded and evaluated efficacy of your vehicle reconditioning process
  • Records stored securely on cloud based software and accessed any time