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What is Prep My Vehicle?

Prep My Vehicle is an easy-to-use reconditioning software solution that helps to better manage and track vehicles going through the prep for sale reconditioning process.

How does it help in reducing stock holding time?

Prep My Vehicle auto reconditioning software provides real-time averages by stage, which helps in identifying any bottlenecks or inefficiencies that might be slowing the overall process down.

How long on average can it reduce the reconditioning prep cycle time?

Prep My Vehicle automotive reconditioning software has helped many of its clients achieve a 10-day average prep cycle time and this has helped them save considerably in stock holding fees.

How does it work?

Prep My Vehicle automotive reconditioning software integrates with most daily stocklist feeds and any vehicle from this list can be entered into the prep for sale process. A vehicle’s movement through each stage of the prep process is captured and this gives users accurate data of not only where each vehicle is but also how long on average each stage/vendor take to complete their tasks.

Is it easy to use?

Gone are the days of excel sheets, post it notes, and countless back and forth phone calls between all the parties involved. Prep My Vehicle intuitive reconditioning software not only gives you everything you need in one centralized place but also simply connects everybody involved in the vehicle reconditioning process, like sales, management, service teams and external vendors.

What hardware do I need to access it?

Prep My Vehicle does not require any special device or gadget as it is 100% accessible anytime from anywhere through any PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Can the app be used as a communication tool?

Prep My Vehicle dealership reconditioning software provides a single platform for visibility and communication throughout the vehicle preparation process. Internal teams from management to finance, sales and workshop technicians can use Prep My Vehicle to communicate with each other and external vendors in relation to a specific ‘live’ vehicle undergoing the reconditioning process. Some departments may not need to interact with the app and may use it only to monitor, while other teams will adopt it as a communication tool to facilitate a faster, more efficient reconditioning process overall.

Can I use Prep My Vehicle to generate reports?

Prep My Vehicle reconditioning software generates reports as often as necessary with a detailed selection menu giving you information to identify delays, prevent long-term service lags and maximise efficacy across all functions in the vehicle reconditioning process, setting the benchmark in your business for prep-for-sale standards.

Can I access reconditioning records after the vehicle has been sold?

Security and data compliance are now more important than ever and storing sensitive information on Excel or in a written filing system represent a major security and data breach for your business. Prep My Vehicle is GDPR compliant with secure cloud-based data storage which is instantly accessible from anywhere at any time through the application. You can use this to facilitate audit reports, vehicle history reports, evaluate reconditioning process efficacy or track ongoing issues with particular vehicles for example.

Is there a user limit on the app?

There is no limit to the number of users on the vehicle reconditioning software app. Restrictions on user ability to edit information on the app during the vehicle preparation process can be utilised as necessary; allowing some users to make notes, enter comments and approve stage completion while others may have a simple view of where each vehicle is in the recon process.